How to Enjoy Hood River Peaches

Nothing says summer quite like a ripe, juicy peach. This summer, McCarthy Family Farm is introducing fresh, local peaches to our online store.

Starting in July, we’ll be harvesting three varieties of delicious peaches: Saturn (doughnut peaches), Blushing Glories (yellow flesh) and White Ladies (white flesh). When you order peaches from McCarthy Family Farm, they'll arrive at your door just days after they were picked. Most likely, they will be ready to eat within a day. But how do you know for sure?

How to tell if a peach is ripe

Softness is the key to knowing if a peach is ripe and ready to eat. To determine if a peach is ready to eat, use your finger pads to gently apply pressure to the fruit. If it's firm, it's definitely not ripe. If it absorbs a little pressure without bruising, it's almost ready. When it's soft to the touch, and your finger makes a slight indent, it's ready to eat. 

If you accidentally bruise a peach, don't worry! Slightly bruised peaches are great in jam, smoothies, on top of ice cream or stirred into oatmeal. 

Five of our favorite peach recipes 

Peaches are such a versatile fruit. While many people dream of peach pie and peach cobbler all winter long, peaches are just as delicious when paired with savory salads and sides. In addition to the recipes below, we love adding sliced, fresh peaches to just about anything — from yogurt to grilled pork. 

Rustic Peach Pie 

Peach Pear Salsa  

Peaches and Coconut Cream Smoothie

Grilled Peach, Hazelnut and Balsamic Crostini

Summer Peach and Kale Corn Salad 

Find more delicious farm-to-table recipes at

Do you have a favorite peach recipe? Email us at and we'll share it on our next newsletter!

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