Coming Soon: Locally Grown Peonies

The international flower industry is big business. But more and more consumers are asking questions about the environmental impact of growing and shipping flowers around the world. McCarthy Family Farm is part of the Slow Flower movement — a focus on locally grown, pesticide-free blooms.

We offer more than a dozen different varieties to our wholesale customers. And, starting in 2019, we're excited to offer mail-order peonies to our online customers, too. Our locally grown peonies are grown in the upper Hood River Valley at 2,700 feet. A hardy plant that gets better with age, our family farm has grown peonies for over 10 years. We put a lot of love and attention into these plants, and it shows. 

Peonies are perennials that often grow 2 to 4 feet high, producing numerous buds and beautiful, bushy foliage. They make delightful cut flowers, with long sturdy stems and lasting blooms, making them a coveted addition to any florist’s stock. Blooming season also coincides with wedding season in the Hood River Valley and greater Portland area, and the peony is a perfect choice for unforgettable bridal bouquets and banquet table settings. They are capable of making a statement all on their own.

Fresh-cut peonies can last more than a week in a vase and can be stored in the refrigerator, stems wrapped in a damp paper towel and in a plastic bag until ready for display. After removing from the cold storage, give the stems a quick snip and place in slightly warm water to reinvigorate them. For maximum use of these versatile blooms, pick the edible petals (yes, edible!) before they turn brown and use them to flavor a bright, lightly flavored peony jelly or as decoration on baked goods.

We are always looking to establish new partnerships with florists and nurseries in the Hood River Valley and Portland, Oregon region. Outside of our wholesale offerings, customers can sign up to for our McCarthy Family Farm Club, where you will receive a full bouquet of peonies in one of your quarterly farm deliveries.

If you’re interested in setting up an account, please contact our Customer Service Department or complete the form on our website.

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