Improving Air, Water and Soil Quality

We’re pioneering fertilization and irrigation practices that reduce toxic air and water pollutants.

  • We chip tree limbs rather than burning them, reducing particle pollution and harmful air pollutants existent in wood smoke.
  • We reuse wood chips on our own dirt roads to reduce dust and erosion, or we return the chips to the soil to increase organic matter and replace valuable nutrients.
  • We no longer use traditional smudge pots to help protect budding fruit trees from damaging spring frosts. Traditional smudge pots burn diesel oil, which discharge smoke and pollutants into the air, pose a risk for oil spills on soil, and pose a risk to farm workers.
  • We strive to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers near water sources.
  • We plant cover crops whenever practical, which helps prevent erosion, enhances the quality of our soil and cuts back on weeds – which reduces our need for commercially produced fertilizers and pesticides.
  • We use compost and manure to promote soil fertility and plant growth.