Rooted in Place – The Early Days

Our great-grandfather, Homer Rogers, homesteaded in the upper Hood River Valley in 1910. When he discovered that the fertile volcanic soils around Mount Hood produced some of the best-tasting apples he’s ever tasted, he planted a small orchard where trees still remain today.

He loved exploring the Mount Hood National Forest in the area that’s now known as the Tilly Jane/Cloud Cap area. More than 20 years before the iconic Timberline Lodge was built near Government Camp, Homer built Mt. Hood Lodge so that visitors could experience the recreational opportunities and scenic beauty of the north side of Mount Hood.

In 1964, Homer’s daughter, Kate and her husband, Gerald purchased an adjacent dairy farm known as Sutton Ranch. They ran the ranch for almost 20 years before turning it over to their son Mike and his wife, Susan in 1980.

Today, McCarthy Family Farm grows premium fruit and other high-quality farm products using sustainable farming practices. In addition to the pears, apples, and peonies that we sell through our online store, we grow cherries, hay, cattle, and Christmas trees for wholesale customers. We also offer farm management services for orchardists, farmers and ranchers in the Hood River Valley.